6th & Hume

Nashville, Tennessee

Local developer UP, LLC purchased this 50’x175’ corner lot in the Salemtown area of Nashville to tear down an eyesore of a dilapidated house and provide fresh, modern structures unique to the area. In response to this vision, DA|AD has designed 3 stand alone structures encompassing six one-bedroom units. It is an exciting project as it represents the first new mulit-family housing project in Salemtown in decades.

These diminutive homes (1250 square feet) create visual impact by emphasizing the verticality of their form. The floor plans are open and modern, yet provide 1 ½ baths, separate laundry areas and a one car garage. Each of the six units has only a 24’ by 24’ footprint, but reaches 32 to 34 feet at its highest point, capped by a “butterfly” roof to further differentiate this from other product in the neighborhood.

The balconies provide unmatched views of downtown Nashville – in a nod to the German heritage of this area they are therefore known as the Schöne Ansicht (Beautiful View) project. Construction began mid-year 2006.