DAAD is a collaborative design studio.

DAAD is an award-winning architecture and interior design studio based in Nashville, Tennessee, established in 2001. We are dedicated to making meaningful human places that mindfully engage local resources and operate simultaneously as habitat and create a lasting memory.
We have completed a diversity of project types ranging from neighborhood master- plans, mixed-use developments, adaptive reuse projects, private residences, boutique hotel, retail, restaurants and corporate offices. We have focused on projects that have significantly impacted neighborhoods and help contribute to a healthy flora of the communities we work within at all levels.

We also believe that it is vitally important for the design of places for people to be beautiful, functionally effective and intellectually stimulating. We do not operate from a stylistic ideology, but rather from one that is based in a careful reading and analysis of the sites and people we work with.    

While we don’t define design simply as a problem solving endeavor, we do love the process of figuring out the multi- layered complex of issues that every project presents.    We engage with the construction process in a way that allows us to provide a hands-on approach to detailing, fabrication and material understanding appropriate for each job. We have a workshop with the studio that allows us to fabricate in steel and wood, integrating design and making for tailored solutions.  We collaborate with a mix of creative people in order to make unique experiences.  


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